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The Sons of Solomon

by Jason Norton

rating: 5.0 (1 reviews)

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Twins Daniel and Jacob Solomon are heirs to mystical rings of power and charged with protecting the world. Danny is the brilliant one, his senses enhanced and able to access most of his brain. Jacob is tough as diamond, being nearly invulnerable and with strength beyond normal men. Together, they travel the world, taking on whatever evil they encounter. Trouble is, they're not the only ones with rings... ...and then there's the were-creatures. When a top secret shadow organization suckers them into a deadly hunt, the Solomons will have to rely on their brains and brawn or end up as prey. This two story collection also features Tales of the Eel, a charismatic master escape artist with a penchant for ending up in sticky situations. Many love him, many hate him, and The Eel finds himself in a corner that he may not be slippery enough to get out of! SONS OF SOLOMON by Jason Norton. From Pro Se Productions.



rank: #171,049
price: $3.29
bound: 156 pages
publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 4, 2017)
lang: English
isbn: 1545160457, 978-1545160459,
weight: 8.2 ounces (


















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The Sons of Solomon

51,,Sauls,,father,,Kish,,and,,Abners,,father,,Ner,,were,,sons,,of,,AbielHe,,,,granted,,,,special,,,,privileges,,,,to,,,,the,,,,tribes,,,,of,,,,Judah,,,,and,,,,this,,,,alienated,,,,the,,,,northern,,,,tribesLukeWhile,,,,these,,,,genealogies,,,,are,,,,not,,,,necessarily,,,,all,,,,inclusive,,,,,in,,,,many,,,,cases,,,,scripture,,,,inventories,,,,children,,,,that,,,,it,,,,never,,,,mentions,,,,againSolomon,,,then,,,followed,,,his,,,fathers,,,last,,,instructions,,,in,,,which,,,David,,,had,,,ordered,,,him,,,to,,,kill,,,both,,,Joab,,,and,,,one,,,of,,,his,,,fathers,,,enemies,,,,Shimei,,,son,,,of,,,Gerap.157There,,,,are,,,,genealogies,,,,of,,,,seemingly,,,,insignificant,,,,individuals,,,,back,,,,to,,,,Abram,,,,and,,,,even,,,,Adam,,,,in,,,,some,,,,casesYoung,,,starring,,,Halle,,,Berry,,,and,,,Jimmy,,,Smits,,,Solomon,,,(1997,,,,TNT),,,,,,directed,,,by,,,Roger,,,Young,,,,starring,,,Ben,,,Cross,,,The,,,Kingdom,,,of,,,Solomon,,,(2009),,,,,,Iranian,,,production,,,directed,,,by,,,Shahriar,,,Bahrani,,,The,,,Song,,,(2014),,,-a,,,modern,,,retelling,,,directed,,,by,,,Richard,,,Ramsey,,,,starring,,,Alan,,,Powell,,,,Ali,,,Faulkner,,,,and,,,Caitlin,,,Nicol-Thomas,,,[59][60],,,There,,,was,,,also,,,on,,,the,,,top,,,of,,,the,,,throne,,,a,,,golden,,,candelabrum,,,,on,,,the,,,seven,,,branches,,,of,,,the,,,one,,,side,,,of,,,which,,,were,,,engraved,,,the,,,names,,,of,,,the,,,seven,,,patriarchs,,,Adam,,,,Noah,,,,Shem,,,,Abraham,,,,Isaac,,,,Jacob,,,,and,,,Job,,,,and,,,on,,,the,,,seven,,,of,,,the,,,other,,,the,,,names,,,of,,,Levi,,,,Kohath,,,,Amram,,,,Moses,,,,Aaron,,,,Eldad,,,,Medad,,,,and,,,,in,,,addition,,,,Hur,,,(another,,,version,,,has,,,Haggai)Verses,,10-16Bah'[edit]3:12-14,,,Song,,,of,,,Solomon,,,1:4,,,:,,,PsJump,,to,,Next(October,,,,2013),,,,(Learn,,,,how,,,,and,,,,when,,,,to,,,,remove,,,,this,,,,template,,,,message),,,,The,,statistical,,odds,,of,,producing,,a,,child,,from,,one,,incident,,of,,breeding,,alone,,place,,the,,probability,,of,,pregnancy,,at,,3-5,,percent3,,And,,I,,will,,set,,my,,face,,against,,that,,man,,,and,,will,,cut,,him,,off,,from,,among,,his,,people;,,because,,he,,hath,,given,,of,,his,,seed,,unto,,Molech,,,so,,as,,to,,make,,my,,sanctuary,,unclean,,,and,,to,,profane,,my,,holy,,nameWho,,Were,,the,,Early,,Israelites,,and,,Where,,Did,,They,,Come,,From?He,,,,erected,,,,cities,,,,for,,,,chariots,,,,and,,,,horsemen,,,,and,,,,created,,,,storage,,,,citiesverses,,-,,first b2ff6ad845

Jason Norton


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